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Intro to 15-part Blog Series! - Striking a Chord: Kick-starting Your Musical Journey at Fretboard Warriors!

Updated: Apr 1


Welcome to our cosy corner of the musical universe!

This is the introduction to my 15-part short blog series about bringing music into our lives and the lives of our little rockstars. I’m Debbie Leigh Driver, the person behind Fretboard Warriors, a place where guitars and dreams intertwine.

My journey into the world of music wasn’t your typical story. I wanted to play music when I was a kid, but my opportunity did not happen until I was older, and it also came after an NDE (yes, I had a near-death experience!). When I awoke from being unconscious, I knew I wanted to pursue music, except I had no music training. None. And this was my beginning. I was a long way away from my vision. However, it was at this moment, a turning point, that led me here, to share, teach, and give as many pupils as possible a chance of a career in music.

Fretboard Warriors

Fretboard Warriors started from a simple idea: music should be accessible, engaging, and fun for everyone. Whether you're a parent looking to dive into this musical adventure with your kids, or you're exploring your own musical path, you're in the right place. We’re going to talk about how to create magical musical moments at home, picking the first or next instrument and why it's really important to be a positive influence at home when children are practising.

This series is all about sharing my experiences and offering tips that speak to parents from all walks of life. We’ll explore everything from nurturing the seeds of musical interest in your kids to finding joy in the noise (and trust me, there will be noise!).

So, whether you dream of your child taking the stage or you just want to make your family's world a little more musical, you’re invited. Our Journey starts now, and I can’t wait to see where the music takes us.

Next up...

We’ll explore how to create a supportive musical environment When we make music together, we’re not just hitting notes; we’re making memories.

Part 1/15: The Importance of Supportive Musical Environments

Discussing the crucial role of how a supportive home plays in nurturing a child’s musical development.

Let's rock this!

Debbie Leigh Driver


Fretboard Warriors

Unleash the Rockstar Music Education

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