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‘How to get your kid to play guitar!’ from a teacher that has taught hundreds of kids!

How do you inspire a child to play music and practice?

HI! I’m Debbie Leigh Driver owner and creator of Fretboard Warriors Guitar School for kids. I have been teaching kids for over a decade and would love to share my ‘How to get your kid to play guitar!’ from a teacher that has taught hundreds of kids!

1. Monkey See Monkey Do

The first stop is….YOU! Children learn by imitation and copying what they see adults do. If you can play a few chords, do it, doesn’t matter if it isn’t that good, they will think you’re a super hero and want to copy! Have a few lessons, watch a YouTube video on it, or learn with them at home. Kids love having that connection with a parent and will want to succeed to please you!

2. Lessons

Find the right teacher and the correct set-up. This is tougher than it sounds. There are independent teachers who will come to you, or you to them, and then there are music schools/music stores. Make sure it isn’t a ‘Wannabe Rockstar’ that will drop in and out of the child’s life. Children get attached and need to feel comfortable in order to learn. The lessons need to be fun, regular for kids to learn.

3. Practice

At home, this needs to be made into a game, even the best pupils in class will find it hard to get into regular practice. My advice is:

1. Set regular times and days so they know what’s coming, maybe just after they have had a drink when they have got home from school.

2. Tell them you can’t wait to see what they have practised and be really excited about it, this will make them want to practise, and possibly for a bit longer too!

3. Kids like instant results and with guitar that can be very difficult. I suggest having a jar at home, at the end of a 10min practice reward them with a marble in the jar, the more practice they do, the more marbles they get and when the jar is full get them a little treat :D it only has to be from the pound shop not a shopping trip! kids love this slime and stress balls these days, and it will really encourage them.

So there you have my 3 quick tips on how to get your kid to play guitar! And to help you get started on your journey to guitar I have spent the last few months putting together a FREE ebook to get the ball rolling!

1. FREE ebook!

All the best tips that will help put your child on the correct path to learning the guitar!

You can register here and receive your FREE Kids ebook:-

2. The next step!

If you are interested in giving your young-starter the best start in guitar education and ready for the next step, please consider getting them the ‘Unleash the kids guitar manual’ for 6-9Yrs to help kick- start their passion.

3. Ready for lessons!

Since 2008 I have been teaching 6-16Yrs guitar with a proven method, and have one of the best (if not the best) kids’ learning guitar success track records in the entire industry of ANYONE teaching kids guitar!

I have taught hundreds of kids with students going on to Access Creative (home of Ed Sheeran), join bands, and become solo artists that release their own music.

If you are interested in your child working directly with me, I have a limited number of spaces available. To find out more at: and book your a consultation to find out more before the spaces go! (Upto a year’s waiting list)

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