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Meet Debbie Leigh Driver: The Heart Behind Fretboard Warriors

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Hello and welcome! I'm Debbie, the founder of Fretboard Warriors.
Starting this musical journey has been a path of passion, dedication, and meaningful connections. I'm excited to share a bit of my story with you, woven with achievements and the joy of sharing music.
Early Inspirations and Achievements:

My adventure into music education began at Vocal Tech in Acton, London, back in 1999. Those early years were filled with writing songs, performing at open mics, and experiencing the highs and lows of pursuing music in a big city — I even found myself a constant in a project that later became known as "The Great Reality TV Swindle," an experience that left me homeless in London!

However, I didn't let those challenges deter me. In 2005, I attended Access Creative, the breeding ground for renowned artists like Ed Sheeran and myself. It was there I was honored as the "Most Outstanding Student," a recognition that marked the beginning of my lifelong commitment to music and education. This period was crucial in honing my skills and solidifying my passion for sharing music with others.

Serendipitous Connections:

My journey at Vocal Tech was also where a pivotal relationship began. I met Misha Nikolic, unaware that nearly two decades later, our paths would intertwine professionally. In 2017, we reconnected, leading to Misha producing my album "Black Swan" in 2018, featuring the talented Danny Wilson and Tim Brown on drums — both members of Martin Turner ex-Wishbone Ash. It was an incredible experience to feature them on my albums! (

Live Performance:

The stage has been both my teacher and my platform. Leading original bands and performing extensively has not only enriched my musical skills but also deepened my understanding of music's power to connect and transform. My journey continues with upcoming recording projects that promise to bring new stories and sounds to life. Follow these developments and more about my musical adventures at It’s a space where my passion for performance and teaching converge, offering a glimpse into the ongoing journey of a musician dedicated to her craft.

Teaching and Creating:

Since 2013, Fretboard Warriors has been the channel for my dedication to teaching. My approach is focused on guiding students toward their dreams, crafting guitar manuals for learners at every level, and continually exploring my musical creativity.


I plan to migrate over to YouTube land sometime in 2025, so stay tuned for Fretboard Warriors to go digital!

3 Things About Me!:
  1. My commitment to a vegan lifestyle for over 30 years reflects my approach to music—it's about harmony, sustainability, and making conscious choices.

  2. I experienced a near-death experience (NDE) in a road accident at 17. It was after this profound event that I knew I had to pursue music.

  3. I am working on something I call "Unleash the Rockstar Music Education" for 6-16 yrs, addressing the disappearance of music from our schools and incorporating AI to aid teaching!

From the beginning of my music education to establishing Fretboard Warriors, my journey has been one of learning, sharing, and connecting through music. It's a testament to the belief that music education can be transformative and enriching.

I invite you to start your musical journey with us, where every note played is a step towards mastering not just an instrument but also the art of life itself.

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