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Simple Kids guitar FREE ebook for beginners

Hi all, it’s Debbie Leigh Driver here, owner and creator of Fretboard Warriors Guitar School, and I have just spent the last month putting together a FREE guide for Kids on how to get started on guitar quickly.

This ebook has helped hundreds of young-starters quickly learn the basics with lots of colourful fun images and not like the old school boring stuff! :-D

In this guide I make things simple, easy and fun and show you *exactly* what you need to start.

Here's What You'll Discover:

Free Kids ebook!

* What you will need for lessons

* How to tune the guitar and basics

* How to read guitar tab

All the best tips that will help put your child on the correct path to learning the guitar!

You can register here and receive your FREE Kids ebook:-

The next step...

If you are interested in giving your young-starter the best start in guitar education and ready for the next step, please consider getting them the ‘Unleash the kids guitar manual’ for 6-9Yrs to help kick- start their passion!

Ready for lessons!

If you are interested in your child working directly with me, I have a limited number of spaces available. To find out more at: and book your Consultation to find out more before the spaces go! (up to a year’s waiting listing at times.)

Since 2008 I have been teaching 6-16Yrs guitar with a proven method, and have one of the best (if not the best) kids’ learning guitar success track records in the entire industry of ANYONE teaching kids guitar!

I have taught hundreds of kids with students going on to Access Creative (home of Ed Sheeran), join bands, and become also artists that release their own music.

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