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Debbie Leigh Driver

I teach kids guitar!

Kids guitar lessons 
Hornchurch, Romford, Upminster, Havering.

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Like to know more? Watch the video and find out why Fretboard Warriors Guitar Lessons work.

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Empowering Young Guitarists - The Fretboard Warriors Journey


From a Celebrated Student to an Inspiring Mentor
Discover the story of an award-winning student's evolution into a seasoned performer, recording artist, and dedicated mentor. In 2013, fueled by a passion for music and teaching, I founded Fretboard Warriors. My goal? To inspire and empower the next generation of guitarists.

Transforming Beginners into Confident Musicians

My unique teaching approach has guided hundreds of children from their first chords to celebratory success. More than just lessons, it's a journey that fosters confidence, nurtures talent, and builds life-long skills.

A Stepping Stone to Academic and Creative Excellence
Mastering an instrument like the guitar isn't just a hobby; it's a significant advantage for secondary school applications. Proudly, Fretboard Warriors is endorsed and the preferred supplier of guitar lessons to Redden Court School.

Specialised Courses for Aspiring Young Musicians (Ages 6-16)
Our courses are specifically tailored for young learners, providing a creative pathway to 'Access Creative', the alma mater of Ed Sheeran. We're committed to making the guitar an accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding experience for all our students.

A Partnership in Musical Growth
We understand that guitar lessons are a commitment for both the child and parents. That's why we focus on nurturing results, ensuring each student's journey with the guitar is as enjoyable as it is educational.

Celebrate the Joy and Achievement
Don't just take our word for it. Our gallery showcases the sheer joy and pride our students experience as they earn certificates and recognition for their hard work and progress.


Congratulations on all your hard work and dedication!


Over 85% of pupils receive Distinction.

All develop a great skill and learn.

Hall of Fame

Past Fretboard Warriors guitar tuition students

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