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How to achieve the 'Best Results' - in you or your child’s music education

Learning how to play a musical instrument is one of life’s real joys. The process, pleasure, hard-work and sense of achievement that comes with mastering a new instrument really is unparalleled.

There are a multitude of training routes out there, each with their own pros and cons. Please consider the below carefully when deciding the most appropriate route for you or your child.

Working with a professional: 1-to-1 bespoke tuition

1-to-1 is simply the fastest, most effective way to achieve results, if the pupil is ready for it and puts in the work. However, the operative phrase is ‘ready for it’ as the process can be intense, and teachers will expect practice every night, so the kids can achieve goals for performance, college, exams, bands etc.

A possible downside to 1-to-1 tuition is cost. If the student is ready for 1-to-1, the expense is an investment and pathway to further education in music. However, if the child is not ready, it will not only be a poor use of limited teacher time and stress for the child, but also an unnecessary expense for the family.

Working with a professional: group or pair sessions

Pairs and small groups offer an enjoyable, but less pressured environment, while larger groups are a great first introductory or taster step. These are a somewhat more cost-effective option when compared to private tuition, but also offer less individual attention - it is easier to hide the fact that you haven’t been practicing in a group and progress is thus often slower.

Online courses and books

There are lots of great options available online and in books for intermediates, which offer a cheap alternative to private tuition, with the added benefit of anytime-access. The downside is a lack of customization – online courses and books are generally broad overviews that won’t address your specific needs.

School lessons

When it comes to school lessons, kids are generally paired up for 15-minute sessions. In order to access these lessons, pupils must either miss a school lesson, do it in their lunch time, or possibly join an after-school club. Sessions are woefully ineffective and include the time needed to set up and pack away.

Schools are trying to make music available, but these lessons should be considered taster sessions, nothing more.

Fretboard Warriors Guitar and Music school services

Figuring out the tuition style that suits your child best, based on their needs and personality type, is the most important step. If you would like to get in touch, please email - I would be happy to chat through your options and help you decide which route is best

Our services include: groups, pairs, 1-to-1, preparing for exams and Artist Development for Further Education at Access to Music, the home of Ed Sheeran and fretboard Warriors.

To get a better idea of what we do, and to see what students are saying about us, you can check out our testimonials on our website here:

I hope our paths cross in the future,

Warm Regards,

Debbie Leigh Driver

Founder, Fretboard Warriors

Unleash the Rockstar Music Education

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