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What I found at 6am... C@*P!!

In the beginning,,,,

I decided to do research to see what else is out there for kids guitar and music education 6-16yrs

Guitar lessons near me....

This is what I found

So I narrowed the search...

I found typically paid for ads came up first, oh yes the dedicated FBW's clan is up there, without being paid for (years and hours of treading the road less traveled to help kids) - along with kent, epping, havering music school, an another school I already forgotten.

As I am being the Indiana Jones of the music world and going on a crusade :) I had a look at their websites,

At first glance...

I am not impressed, they look boring, almost prison like, uninteresting and uninviting. go over 1000's of hours over the years of working with kids and parents, developing the missing link in childrens music education and GETTING RESULTS - I couldn't see any results on these two sites, I couldn't see any kids, I couldn't see what they actually teach and where it can lead them..

FBW's service offers kids aged 6-16yrs music tuition with a proven pathway then at age 16 I provide evidence and referral letters to Access creative, home of Ed Sheeran so they can further develop their music career.

Who else offers this pathway??? Why would you give your money away to provider that doesnt offer a pathway? Now thats a waste of time and good money not to mention the little Rockstar could lose their love for an instrument and at times this doesnt come back

I am still on the mission to find out what else is out there, if I find some good quality folk, I hope to work with them, but as you can see at first glance today I found crap.

Yours sincerely (ignore the bad grammer, too early!)

Debbie Leigh Driver

Founder Fretboard Warriors

Mission : Unleashing Kids in Music Everywhere!!!!

Join me?

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