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How Harry became a "Professional singer/songwriter" after Fretboard Warriors tuition


Take a minute and have a listen to what former pupil Harry has to say about her time at Fretboard Warriors. Fretboard Warriors gave Harry the tools to write over 300songs, she studied grade 5 practical and theory, then straight into Access Creative (home of Ed Sheeran) and has since released her own music, is gigging and has record label opportunities.

In her own words "Debbie morphed me into the artist I am today".

Fretboard Warriors

Is currently the only 'Music Provider' teaching a uniquely designed syllabus in pop & rock where by the pupil can present more than enough evidence to Access Creative, home of Ed Sheeran and further music Education.

Do you have a young creative? musician? guitarist?

Leading the way in...

'Results for Kids Music Education'!

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