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Cheap Guitar Lessons- An honest approach for anyone wanting music lessons

So cheap, its Crap!

You know whats Free...? CRAP!

I'm serious, everyday, maybe even a few times a day, it leaves our bodies, and, its totally FREE - This also can be said for music lessons, So cheap, they are giving it away! Why? because its crap.

That said, and in the spirit of it being better for you to know than not, I'm going to give you some free advice.

The first thing:

Cheap lessons - Really the biggest waste of finance and no result.

I can guarantee you will find lessons that are cheap, but at what cost? In the long run of not getting results or giving the child the right environment to flourish and learn, how much time and money are you wasting? The question all parents need to ask themselves is, What is the price of quality education?

I have many emails from parents, that have children that attended Havering Music school for guitar, and that were in a 15minute lesson, for over a year, and made no progress, so wasted time and hard earned money, the same goes for regular musicians that will drop you at a minutes notice to go and play at a gig or worse, hung over! Now, I am not saying these places/people are bad, however, What are you paying for?! I'm doing my best to be tactful here, so I'm just going to say that I don't think anybody is well-served by that approach of wanting cheaper lessons.

Education isn't a game of who is "Cheaper", anyone that is looking for cheap lessons, doesnt value how long its taken that music teacher to acquire their skill, and if the teacher doesnt feel valued, Do you really think they are going to teach your children life time skills? Skills that will make the pupil better than the teacher? Do you really think that teacher is going to help coach pupils whilst not feeling valued; or hinder there learning by not giving S**T?

Too many children have turned up on my door-step without knowing how to tune their guitar or move their fingers properly. If you dont value the teacher you wont get results and if the teacher doesnt value themselves, they are ONLY DOING IT FOR YOUR MONEY NOT FOR THE LOVE OF TEACHING.

If you are on a budget and if you are really interested in proper music education save and invest in your child's learning when your ready, dont waste money on something that wont deliver.

Please understand with this that I'm on your side, and I want your child to succeed in their guitar learning. But I also don't want you wasting your time on cheap lessons or pinning your hopes on an unrealistic approach with a teacher that is just doing it for money and no passion and drive!

Good luck!

Debbie Leigh Driver

Founder of Fretboard Warriors

Fretboard Warriors specialises in teaching kids 6-16yrs guitar and help them to present more than enough evidence to attend Access Creative, home of Ed Sheeran.

Fretboard offers a pathway into music where its currently being taken off the curriculum at schools, is endorsed by Redden Court School and approved by the Musicians Union; testimonials are all over the website, and there is also a children's book for sale on amazon.

For people committed to excellent education

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