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3 Big Mistakes Parents Make -When it comes to choosing a guitar teacher for kids

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Hi all, it’s Debbie Leigh Driver here, owner and creator

Debbie Leigh Driver

of Fretboard Warriors Guitar School for kids.

I have been teaching kids for over a decade and would love to share the

'3 big mistakes parents make when it comes to choosing a guitar teacher for their kids'.

Your first steps in learning guitar or any instrument are the single most important steps in learning, so let’s make sure you start off on the right foot and don’t fall for these traps!

1. Parents choose the “Wannabe Rockstar, and not the Real Rockstars”!

Parents choose a wannabe Rockstar that’s focused on themselves, and that’s going to take your money… up the pub!

For real results, this simply is a waste of hard earned money, not to mention your child could lose natural passion for an instrument. A real Rockstar will take time to develop rapport with children, get to know them, encourage them, get them to understand the guitar and playing simple tunes. Help with creativity, have a knowledge and understanding of what singers and bands are current, most importantly they will enjoy the whole process along with the pupil and offer a full creative pathway in to music, not a pathway to the pub!

2. Cheap lessons VS Investment in the Child’s future

My inbox gets filled all the time with parents that have bought cheap lessons, here’s what they have really purchased:

*Unreliable teacher

*Someone that has no interest in developing rapport with your child

*Someone that has no pathway to offer to the pupil (where will lessons take them?)

*Someone that is only interested in the ££ that they receive on that lesson

* Someone that has no structure or framework or even experience

* Hard earned money wasted

* The child loses natural passions and gives up


Music education isn’t a game of who is cheapest, it’s about investing in the right path for the pupil, offering children the best opportunities and helping unleash their potential 100%.


We all know music takes time to develop and nurture, so putting your child in the hands of someone that lets you book 4 or 10 lessons, here and there, typically has no interest in the Child’s future. If music takes time to develop you will need to make sure your young-starter gets at least 1Yr’s worth of lessons and practises regularly, with a plan. Nothing else works, you’re buying failure.

So there you have the 3 Big Mistakes Parents Make -When it comes to choosing a guitar teacher for kids.

To help you get started on your journey to guitar, I have spent the last few months putting together a FREE ebook to get the ball rolling!

1. FREE ebook!

All the best tips that will help put your child on the correct path to learning the guitar!

You can register here and receive your FREE Kids ebook:-

2. The next step!

If you are interested in giving your young-starter the best start in guitar education and ready for the next step, please consider getting them the ‘Unleash the kids guitar manual’ for 6-9Yrs to help kick- start their passion.

3. Ready for lessons!

Since 2008 I have been teaching 6-16Yrs guitar with a proven method, and have one of the best (if not the best) kids’ learning guitar success track records in the entire industry of ANYONE teaching kids guitar!

I have taught hundreds of kids with students going on to Access Creative (home of Ed Sheeran), join bands, and become solo artists that release their own music.

If you are interested in your child working directly with me, I have a limited number of spaces available. To find out more at: and book your Consultation to find out more before the spaces go! (up to a year’s waiting listing at times.)

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