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7 Top Benefits for kids learning guitar!

Hi all, it’s Debbie Leigh Driver here, owner and creator of Fretboard Warriors Guitar School for kids. I have been teaching kids for over a decade and would love to share the quick guide to the ‘7 Top Benefits for children learning the guitar’!

1. Improves a Child’s Memory & Sharpens Concentration

A government-commissioned study has found that learning to play the guitar at school improves a child’s behaviour, memory and intelligence. Full Article here

2. Develops Your Child’s Creativity

Creating your own music through improvisation or song-writing makes great use of your child’s imagination. It's so much fun and incredibly rewarding to create your own melodies and self-expression.

3. Develops Discipline = Success!

With determination comes success and the development of discipline, which can then also be useful to other areas of your life.

“Through discipline comes freedom” - Aristotle (love, love, LOVE this quote!!)

4. Develops Social Skills & Teamwork

Working and playing with other young musicians teaches children to appreciate the value of teamwork.

5. Improves Your Maths

Research suggests that musicians process music in the same cortical regions that teenagers process maths.

6. Increases Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

It's easy to set small goals in music, finishing a piece or just playing through to the end of a line of music, which when accomplished will give your child a great sense of success and build their confidence for performing music in front of an audience!

7. Playing The Guitar Is Fun!

Mixing all of these benefits into something that you want to do because it's fun and makes you feel great! You’ll never know, you could have the next Ed Sheeran or Jimi Hendrix at home!

To help you get started on your journey to guitar and receive the benefits, I have spent the last few months putting together a FREE ebook to get the ball rolling! This ebook has help hundreds of young-starters quickly learn the basics with lots of colourful fun images and not like the old school boring stuff! :-D

1. FREE ebook!

Free ebook for 6-9Yrs

In this guide I make things simple, easy and fun and show you *exactly* what you need to start.

Here's What You'll Discover:

* What you will need for lessons

* How to tune the guitar and all the essential basics

* How to read guitar tab

All the best tips that will help put your child on the correct path to learning the guitar!

You can register here and receive your FREE Kids ebook:-

2. The next step!

If you are interested in giving your young-starter the best start in guitar education and ready for the next step, please consider getting them the ‘Unleash the kids guitar manual’ for 6-9Yrs to help kick- start their passion.

3. Ready for lessons!

Since 2008 I have been teaching 6-16Yrs guitar with a proven method, and have one of the best (if not the best) kids’ learning guitar success track records in the entire industry of ANYONE teaching kids guitar!

I have taught over hundreds of kids with students going on to Access Creative (home of Ed Sheeran), join bands, and become solo artists that release their own music.

If you are interested in your child working directly with me, I have a limited number of spaces available. To find out more at: and book a Consultation to find out more before the spaces go! (up to a year’s waiting listing at times.)

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