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Choosing the Right Guitar Size for Your Child


Choosing the right guitar size is crucial for young learners embarking on their musical journey. The proper fit ensures not only comfort but also the correct posture, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective. With various sizes available, selecting the ideal guitar for your child can seem daunting. This guide aims to simplify that decision, ensuring your young musician has the best possible start.

Understanding Guitar Sizes

Guitars come in a range of sizes, especially designed to cater to different age groups and body sizes. The size of the guitar is often referred to in fractions – 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, and the full-sized 4/4. Each size is tailored to fit a specific age group, ensuring that the player can reach the strings comfortably and hold the guitar properly. The right size guitar will not only be more comfortable to play but also help in maintaining the correct playing posture, which is essential for beginners.

Choosing the Right Guitar for Your Child

Selecting the right guitar size for your child can make a significant difference in their learning experience. Here's a breakdown of the recommended guitar sizes based on the child's age and height:

4-6 Years Guitar Size Guitar
4-6 Years Guitar Size Guitar
  • 4–6 years (ca. 110cm tall): 1/8 Concert Guitars For young children who are just beginning their musical journey, a 1/8 size concert guitar is the perfect fit. Its smaller body and shorter neck make it easier for little hands to navigate the fretboard.

5-8 Years Guitar Size Guitar
5-8 Years Guitar Size Guitar
  • 5–8 years (ca. 110–130cm tall): 1/4 Concert Guitars As children grow, so should their guitars. The 1/4 size is ideal for kids in this age and height range, offering a slightly larger size that accommodates growing arms and fingers without overwhelming them

7-9 Years Guitar Size Guitar
7-9 Years Guitar Size Guitar
  • 7–9 years (ca. 120–140cm tall): 1/2 Concert Guitars Children in this group are ready for the 1/2 size guitar, which provides a good balance between play-ability and size. It allows for a more comfortable reach across the fretboard, which is crucial for developing proper technique.

10-13 Years Guitar Size Guitar
10-13 Years Guitar Size Guitar
  • 10–13 years (ca. 130–150cm tall): 3/4 Concert Guitars

Pre-teens will find the 3/4 size guitar to be a great match for their size and skill level. It's close to a full-size guitar but still manageable for smaller statures, making it a popular choice for older children.

11-14  Years Guitar Size Guitar
11-14 Years Guitar Size Guitar
  • 11–14 years (ca. 140–160cm tall): 7/8 Concert Guitars This size is perfect for teenagers who are not quite ready for an adult-sized guitar. The 7/8 size offers a nearly full-scale experience, facilitating a smoother transition to the 4/4 guitar.

Adults Guitar Size
Adults Guitar Size
  • Adults (ca. 150+cm tall): 4/4 Concert Guitars The full-size guitar is designed for adults and provides the standard playing experience. It's suitable for players who are about 150cm tall or taller, offering the full range of notes and the classic guitar feel.

Considerations Beyond Size

While size is a critical factor in choosing the right guitar for your child, other considerations should not be overlooked:

  • Material and Build Quality: A well-crafted guitar made from quality materials can significantly enhance the sound and play-ability, making the learning process more rewarding.

  • String Type: Nylon strings are generally softer and easier on the fingers than steel strings, making them a preferable choice for young beginners.

  • Personal Preference: Involve your child in the selection process. Their enthusiasm for a particular guitar can greatly motivate their learning and practice.


Choosing the right guitar for your child is a vital step in nurturing their musical talent. By selecting a guitar that fits their age, size, and personal preference, you're setting the stage for a rewarding musical journey. Remember, the best guitar for your child is one that they're excited to play every day.

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